Take Action to Preserve Online Advertising!

We need your help! The Florida Legislature is considering a new law that would make it harder and more expensive for small businesses like yours to advertise online! 

As you know, digital advertising is a more effective and more affordable way for businesses like yours to reach customers. The companies and platforms that deliver those ads are a fundamental part of running and growing any small business. Online ads are easy to use, affordable, and provide a better return on investment than traditional offline advertising. For example, a restaurant advertising a new dinner menu to people in or searching for where to eat in their area, or an independent sporting goods store advertising a sale on fishing gear to fishing enthusiasts in their city.  

But Senate Bill 262 will throw a wrench in the gears of how online ads work, making them more expensive and harder for small businesses to use and even harder to compete with larger brands with massive marketing budgets.

Fill out the form to tell your state legislators to vote no on SB 262. 

Dear [Lawmaker],
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