Stop the Elk Fountain Demolition

The Portland city council is about to demolish and never rebuild the iconic Thompson Elk Fountain in downtown Portland.

City officials are trying to sneak their decision by Portlanders by distracting us with their recently announced plans to return the Elk Statue to someplace else downtown in the next two years. Don’t be fooled.

Take action today. Tell the city council to stop the demolition, restore the fountain and return the Elk to its historic and rightful home!

Dear [Lawmaker],

Please take action now to stop the demolition of the landmark Thompson Elk Fountain in downtown Portland. For over 100 years, the majestic Elk has sat atop its fountain on SW Main Street between Lownsdale and Chapman Squares. Now, the city plans to demolish rather than rebuild the historic fountain home of the beloved Elk. This must not happen. You have the power to stop it.

The Elk and fountain were once symbols of the power of nature -- wildlife and water -- in the literal midst of an urban environment. Now they are symbols of the resilience of our city and downtown. If city leaders allow lawless vandals to dictate when, where -- and even whether -- beloved public landmarks will remain in our parks and public places, we are no longer a properly functioning civil democracy.

Take action today. Stop the demolition, rebuild the fountain, and return the Elk to its rightful and historic home atop a rebuilt and restored fountain.

Thank you

[Your Name]

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