Support Tax Credits for Responsible Gun Owners

We Need Incentives for Americans to Learn Firearm Training and Education! 

Representatives in Washington should authorize a tax credit for those who take a firearm safety course, concealed firearms course, or other training.

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Dear [Lawmaker],

I write to urge you to support real incentives for Americans to learn firearm training and education.

I stand with the U.S. Concealed Carry Association for Saving Lives in my belief that we all have a natural-born right to be able to defend ourselves and those we love. But in order to do so in a way that keeps us all safe, and has the most potential to save lives, we need to commit ourselves to developing firearm safety skills.

That’s why I believe Congress should support non-refundable tax credits for citizens who take a firearms safety course.

When gun owners go through a firearms safety course, they learn the skills and tools needed to be the ultimate protector of themselves and their loved ones. Most firearm accidents are  caused by not following basic gun safety rules. It is critical that we incentivise gun owners to be responsibly armed Americans by taking firearm safety courses.

In order for this incentive to be effective, Congress should authorize a tax credit up to $500 annually for taking a firearm safety course, concealed carry firearms course, or other training. We must also ensure that while we promote gun safety, we prohibit the IRS from requiring information to be provided to the federal government with respect to the firearm.

I urge you to fight for this important legislation. It is time that we promote gun safety across the nation!

[Your Name]

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