Please Speak Up for Our State Forests!

The Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) is creating a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) that will guide how western Oregon State Forests are managed for the next 70 years and impact generations of Oregonians.

The HCP review process is coming to a close, and we need you to speak up in support of smart forestry management. The Department’s draft plan will turn nearly 300,000 acres (approximately 50 percent of the state’s productive working forest land) into a wildlife preserve even though we know this approach hasn’t worked in the past. Even worse, with reduced harvests and timber revenues, the Department will be operating at a deficit.

Taxpayer dollars – up to $24 million per year – will be needed to subsidize their operating budget. Without a balanced approach, jobs will be lost and rural communities will suffer. We can’t afford more of the same failed forest policy. That’s why we need you to speak out.

The proposed Habitat Conservation Plan is deeply flawed, but there is still time to have your voice heard!

Please reach out to state and federal officials and show your support of an alternative plan that makes more acres available for harvest, reduces wildfire risk, and allows professional foresters to restore stands suffering from diseases like Swiss Needle Cast.

Dear [Lawmaker],

As an advocate for Oregon’s forestry community, I ask that you support Alternative 5, which helps improve the balance between conserving Oregon’s wildlife habitat and the proper management of our state forests.  

Oregon’s state forests should be managed in a manner that provides multiple benefits to taxpayers both urban and rural, including jobs and opportunities for Oregon’s forest communities. 

While overall the habitat conservation plan is problematic, this alternative will help create opportunities to meet our forest management goals. 

Thank you for considering this request.

[Your Name]

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