As the influx of illegal short-term rentals, like Airbnbs, in Michigan replace neighbors with revolving doors of strangers, large numbers of unknown people frequently coming and going make neighborhoods less secure. This raises safety concerns for parents of young children and senior citizens as short-term rentals have brought a crime wave into once quiet and peaceful residential communities across the U.S.

As out-of-state commercial Airbnb operators buy up homes in our neighborhoods, they deplete available housing options for local residents and increase the cost to rent or own a home.

Michigan legislators should protect our residential neighborhoods and allow for commonsense rules that protect everyone’s property rights. Residential areas are for resident not commercial operations, whether convenience stores, liquor stores, or illegal rentals. Local governments are best equipped to make the decisions that regulated rentals in our neighborhoods.

As you consider changes to short-term rental regulation, we urge you to consider the impact that illegal short term rentals have on the safety and housing affordability in our neighborhoods.

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