Help Prevent Prescription Drug Cost Increases

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This year, state lawmakers considered legislation that would have raised the cost of prescription drugs for employers, their employees, patients, and taxpayers—to the tune of $1 billion every year.

These bills would have hurt small businesses by making it more expensive for job creators to provide affordable health care to their employees. This would force businesses to make the difficult choice of either reducing the health care benefits they offer or increasing the cost of premiums and deductibles for employees.

The bills would have imposed an additional $8.85 fee on nearly every prescription filled at the pharmacy counter every single time—draining patients’ pockets when families are already suffering under the weight of record-breaking inflation and high taxes.

As we look ahead to the 2023 legislative session, we need your help to remind lawmakers of the prescription drug cost increase they almost passed and make sure they don’t try it again.  Instead, we need lawmakers to address the root causes of high prescription drug costs – like the skyrocketing prices set by big drug companies – instead of raising costs on Illinois’ businesses and hardworking families.

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