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Our US Senators and Representatives are currently debating whether they should increase taxes and spend trillions of dollars on government subsidies and programs. You can influence their vote. They need to hear from you.

Below you will find proposed language that you can send to your US Senators and US Representative. You can use this language, modify it in any way that you wish, or you can write your own message from scratch.

When you fill in your personal information, including your home address, the computer will determine who your elected officials are. Your message will be sent to those individuals.

Please note that you do not have to write “Dear _______,” the system will do that for you.  In other words, the computer will insert “Dear Senator_______” and insert their last name. The system will send your message to each of your two US Senators and one US Representative. The message will appear as if it is coming directly from you. 

You can also use this tool at any time in the future to contact your elected officials on any topic. Your voice is extremely critical as we strive to protect the future of our great nation. If we stay silent, we have only ourselves to blame for what is to come. Speaking up is what democracy is all about.

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