Become a Citizen Signer of the NJ Parental Bill of Rights

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Dear [Lawmaker],

I write to you today as one of your constituents with Common Sense. I believe, like so many of my neighbors, that the most important people involved with a child’s development are the parents. Our law should reflect that fact.

That's why I decided to step up to join Bill Spadea and become a Citizen Signer of the Parental Bill of Rights, which has been introduced into the NJ legislature as A-3800. I write today to demand that you stand with your constituents and show your support too.

The state, any governmental entity, or institution should NOT be allowed to infringe upon the fundamental rights of a parent to direct the upbringing, education, health care, and mental health of a minor child. This bill of rights lists 10 points that protect parents and their children from intrusive government bureaucrats seeking to impose their political will on the family and override a parent’s inalienable right to make decisions for their children.

It’s time to rebuild what the New Jersey government broke during the COVID lockdowns. It’s time we reclaim for parents what should have never been threatened in the first place.

Please, join me in supporting the Parental Bill of Rights in the legislature… It’s Common Sense.

[Your Name]

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