End Deadly Camping

For years, local and state politicians have promised to end the homeless crisis. Despite more and more money spent each year, the situation has never been worse. We need a change. We need urgency, action and most important – results.

Our plan?

Shelter — Provide safe, clean shelter with access to life-saving services for anyone and everyone who needs it.

Safety — Phase-out unsafe, inhumane camping in public places. In 2020, more than 125 Portlanders died on the streets.

Housing — Fast-track and cut the cost of permanent housing. Right now, it takes too long and costs too much to build housing solutions.

Accountability – Create independent oversight over the millions being spent each month on homelessness and housing. Conflicts of interest undermine public confidence.

Dear [Lawmaker],

Please implement solutions within your power to provide safe, sanitary shelters for everyone who needs it and end the unsafe, unserved, uncontrolled camping in public areas.

People are dying on our streets. It’s time for solutions big enough and bold enough to save lives and make a visible difference in our neighborhoods.

FORMER POST OFFICE: Use the vacant 14-acre post office campus of buildings and parking lots to build promised safe rest villages to shelter and support the homeless. Mayor Ted Wheeler and the Portland City Council can make this happen.

EXPO CENTER: Use the massive Expo Center buildings and parking lots in North Portland for safe rest villages and to provide support for those living in cars and RVs. Metro President Lynn Peterson and the Metro Council can make this happen.

PROMISED SHELTER: Last Fall, County Chair Deborah Kafoury promised 400 additional shelter beds along with more outreach workers. Where are they? Commissioner Kafoury and Multnomah County commissioners should keep this promise.

STATE SUPPORT: While the legislature is in session, Portland legislators should unite behind a plan to provide emergency funding for shelters and services. They have the money. Governor Brown and state lawmakers can make this happen.

Solutions exist. What’s missing is the leadership. Please act now to expand shelters and end public camping. It’s time to end the humanitarian crisis.

[Your Name]

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