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Dear [Lawmaker],

I’m one of your constituents with Common Sense. I believe, like so many of my friends, family and neighbors, that New Jersey small businesses should be protected. There are more than 930,000 small and family-owned businesses in New Jersey. They account for more than 99% of all the businesses in New Jersey, employing about half of all Garden State workers.

In New Jersey and across America, small businesses serve as the backbone and foundation for our economy. Our laws should reflect the importance they play in our great country and value those who are providing such an important service to our communities and our state.

That’s why I decided to step up and join Bill Spadea and become a “Citizen Signer” of the Small Business Protection Act. I write today to ask that you stand with your constituents and show your support for this Common Sense solution.

With so many small businesses crushed by the misguided full-lockdown policies pushed by the Governor combined with the lack of any real opposition from the legislature, our small businesses are suffering. The impact of this ongoing Trenton government negligence has resulted in 28% of New Jersey small businesses planning to close sooner than they had previously anticipated with another 31% still determining whether they’ll close or sell within the year.

New Jersey government must change course immediately. We need to lower the tax burden, alleviate the regulatory nightmare and create an environment of prosperity and growth. To that end, we urge you to implement our “Small Business Protection Act” as a first step.

It’s time to rebuild what the New Jersey government broke.

Please, join me in supporting the Small Business Protection Act….It’s Common Sense.

[Your Name]

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